Flash Permanent IPL Epilator laser hair remover

$122.99 $245.99

Power Type: Electric
Use: Body, Underarm, Face
Material: ABS
Item Type: Epilator

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Hi my dear friends hantes all I wish you has the whole team a happy new year with great health and that don't they miss the job? Well in pemos today about 13h I received this magnificent depolator all wonderfully in buelto of the item's desciption is exact tpdo the package very well in very nice buelto Now she still doesn't provide that I can't say anything about her values but good as Are you I have confidence I will talk to you if there is a problem the seller was very cordial and very polite I mean by this that I have no complaints since they Conosco we had the communication very fast in time and I do not complain either I do not understand it is very far but it main receipt all has the date on dicada bueno Senor AliEXpress I think I told you all about the renobo depilator all the walls have put wonderful things compare me those nice pants of this new year and I'll buy those ring too I beg your pardon but I 've had to play where I didn't have it and I'm wrong I beg your pardon


The goods went very long packing in good condition for how effective I will write later


The product arrived earlier than expected, only took 2 weeks with 1 day. The quality of the wrapper is very careful, the product arrived 100% sealed and well closed, they sent the color I requested, I read the instructions that are in English and everything is very well explained. Now I'll take a couple of months to make a comparati go and see how it goes, excellent service + 10.


Came in the air film, whole, in the general package with other parcels, works. Includes glasses and instruction in the Russian language. On the device 2 kopki. 1 includes the device and it is selected flash level. The second (large white button) actuates the device. Inside, judging by the fact that the device does not always work, there is a level of inclination. After each flash you have to wait a couple of seconds, apparently that would not overheat. Heats up quickly enough, but does not burn. Inside there is a fan, it is audible. So the unit is not the quietest. After work on the legs at the maximum level, there was a smell of burnt hair. There was 1 procedure until it was clear whether it would help.


I decided to buy this laser hair with no because I'm ready with you that had a picture and she said it's good that's why I bought it because as a black woman is hard to find in a laser hair remover that works for black skin so this is a gamble if you don't try you won't know so I'm hoping it works for me I will review/updates this in few month's from now

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